The Remarkable Journey of Patrick Rothfuss: The Author of “The Doors Of Stone”


Patrick Rothfuss, the renowned fantasy author, has a life story that reads like an epic adventure, mirroring the worlds he creates in his novels. From his early years as a self-proclaimed geek to the triumph of becoming a celebrated writer, Rothfuss’s journey is one of passion, perseverance, and self-discovery.

Early Years

  1. Born into a Marvelous World: Patrick Rothfuss began his life with the blessings of supportive parents who instilled in him the values of hard work and ambition.
  2. High School Hijinks: In high school, Rothfuss was known for his humour and penchant for playing the class clown.
  3. The Bookworm Geek: Despite his comedic persona, Rothfuss was an avid reader, consuming a novel a day.
  4. Relationship Guru: Surprisingly, Rothfuss offered relationship advice to his friends, despite his lack of personal experience in romance.
  5. Dabbling in Fantasy: Rothfuss’s fascination with the world of fantasy led him to create his own stories about elves and embark on role-playing adventures.

College Adventures

  1. Academic Uncertainty: Patrick’s college journey kicked off with an attempt to pursue chemical engineering, but he soon found himself drifting, leading to a major shift.
  2. The Undecided Scholar: In 1993, he embraced the label of an “undecided” major, choosing to study subjects that fascinated him.
  3. A Multifaceted Education: Over the next seven years, Rothfuss immersed himself in anthropology, philosophy, eastern religions, history, alchemy, parapsychology, literature, and writing.
  4. The Renaissance Man: His interests extended beyond academics to include martial arts, improv comedy, lock-picking, and romance, where he honed his skills.
  5. The College Survival Guide: Rothfuss’s satirical advice column, “The College Survival Guide,” showcased his wit and humour, engaging readers with his unique take on campus life.
  6. The Novel in Progress: Throughout these years, Patrick never stopped working on the novel that would later captivate readers around the world.

A Transition to Teaching

  1. Grad School Grind: Despite his academic achievements, Rothfuss’s stint in grad school pursuing English literature left him disenchanted.
  2. Discovery of Passion: It was during this period that he discovered his passion for teaching, a calling that would shape his future.
  3. Master’s Degree Pursuit: Rothfuss left grad school in 2002 with a master’s degree in hand and a clear conviction never to return.
  4. A Frustrating Path to Publication: Despite his academic accomplishments, Rothfuss faced numerous rejections from literary agents for his novel.

The Rise of a Literary Sensation

  1. Teaching Half-Time: Patrick Rothfuss, now an assistant-sub-lecturer, found solace in teaching, with creative freedom to shape his classes.
  2. Student Advisor and More: In an unexpected twist, he became an advisor for various student groups, including the college feminists, the fencing club, and even a sorority.
  3. Matured Role-Playing: Rothfuss continued his passion for role-playing, but now in a more sophisticated and debonair manner.
  4. Lucky Breaks: Through a series of fortunate events, Rothfuss secured a remarkable agent and editor, and his debut novel, “The Name of the Wind,” was born.


Patrick Rothfuss’s life journey, marked by twists and turns, is a testament to the power of passion, persistence, and self-discovery. From his humble beginnings as a geeky high school student to becoming a literary sensation, his story inspires us to pursue our dreams with unwavering dedication.


  1. What inspired Patrick Rothfuss to become a writer?
    Pat Rothfuss’s love for reading and his passion for fantasy worlds inspired him to become a writer.
  2. What subjects did Patrick Rothfuss study during his college years?
    Rothfuss explored a wide range of subjects, including anthropology, philosophy, eastern religions, history, alchemy, parapsychology, literature, and writing.
  3. How did Patrick Rothfuss transition from academia to teaching?
    After a disappointing experience in grad school, Rothfuss discovered his passion for teaching and decided to pursue it as a career.
  4. What is the title of Patrick Rothfuss’s debut novel?
    Patrick Rothfuss’s first novel is titled “The Name of the Wind.”
  5. How did Patrick Rothfuss’s novel “The Name of the Wind” perform after its release?
    “The Name of the Wind” achieved international success, being sold in 26 foreign countries and winning several awards.

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