The Delays of “The Doors of Stone” by Patrick Rothfuss


Patrick Rothfuss, the renowned fantasy author, has long been in the spotlight due to the prolonged delay of his highly anticipated book, “The Doors of Stone.” This article delves into the reasons behind these delays and Rothfuss’s candid revelations about the challenges he has faced in completing the book.

The Tale of Laniel Young-Again and the Shift of Focus

In 2015, during an interview with fellow author Christopher Paolini, Rothfuss shed some light on the delay surrounding “The Doors of Stone.” He revealed that he had shifted his focus away from another spinoff project, “The Tale of Laniel Young-Again,” in order to concentrate on the third book of the Kingkiller Chronicle series.

At the time, it was intriguing to learn that Rothfuss had already written around 75% of “The Tale of Laniel Young-Again,” a fact that added to the mystique of “The Doors of Stone.” This abrupt change in priorities gave readers hope that the long-awaited conclusion to the series was imminent, although no publication date was announced. Rothfuss, in the interview, acknowledged that the third book needed “a lot of work.”

Editor’s Doubts: Betsy Wollheim’s Statements

The anticipation for “The Doors of Stone” took a hit in 2020 when Betsy Wollheim, Rothfuss’s editor, raised concerns about the book’s progress. In a Facebook post cited by Newsweek, she expressed her doubts about the existence of any substantial material for the book, hinting that Rothfuss might not have written anything for years. This public statement sent shockwaves through the fanbase and raised questions about the future of the Kingkiller Chronicle series.

Rothfuss’s Personal Struggles and Mental Toll

Patrick Rothfuss has not merely been silent in the face of the delays but has openly discussed the struggles he has faced in completing “The Doors of Stone.” His words shed light on the emotional and psychological toll this project has taken on him.

During a Twitch stream, as reported by Reddit, Rothfuss was remarkably candid about the pressure he felt to finish the book and the profound impact it has had on his mental well-being. He stated:

“I absolutely care about finishing the book… I feel bad about [not giving people what they want] all the time. It’s one of the things that’s f**king me up, I’m in a lot of therapy right now… I went from fiddling around with a book that I just liked to work on and I knew would never be published… then it’s like ‘hey a million people are disappointed in you because they want this book.’ If I didn’t care about the book, you’d have it by now… I owe everyone who loved the book something beautiful.”

These remarks provide a glimpse into the immense pressure Rothfuss has felt to deliver a satisfying conclusion to a series beloved by millions.

Analyzing the Delays

To understand the delays of “The Doors of Stone,” we must dissect the various factors at play:

1. Perfectionism

One of the key themes in Rothfuss’s statement is his commitment to delivering a book that meets his own high standards. He mentioned that he wants to provide readers with “something beautiful.” This suggests a degree of perfectionism that could be contributing to the protracted timeline. Crafting the concluding chapter of such a complex and intricate series is undoubtedly a challenging task, and Rothfuss’s dedication to getting it right is laudable, even if it results in delays.

2. Unexpected Pressure

Rothfuss’s initial work on “The Name of the Wind” was, by his own admission, not driven by a desire for mass publication. However, the incredible success of the first two books in the series, coupled with the mounting anticipation for the third, has created a new kind of pressure. The weight of expectations from millions of fans can be overwhelming, causing a shift in focus from writing for personal satisfaction to writing for an audience. This shift has likely impacted Rothfuss’s creative process.

3. Personal Struggles

Rothfuss’s admission of being in therapy suggests that the delay has taken a significant personal toll. Writing a book, especially one as complex and emotionally charged as “The Doors of Stone,” is an arduous journey. The combination of the relentless fan base’s expectations and his own pursuit of perfection may have led to a level of stress that has impeded his progress.

The Complex Nature of “The Doors of Stone”

Rothfuss has not been silent about the complexity of “The Doors of Stone.” The intricacies of the plot, character arcs, and the need to provide a satisfying conclusion to a beloved series make the task of writing this book a formidable one.

Character Development

The Kingkiller Chronicle series is known for its rich character development. Kvothe, the central character, is intricate and multifaceted. In “The Doors of Stone,” Rothfuss has the formidable task of resolving Kvothe’s story arc in a way that satisfies readers who have invested years in following his journey.

Unresolved Mysteries

The series is rife with mysteries and unresolved plot threads. Fans are eagerly awaiting answers to questions that have been woven throughout the narrative. The challenge for Rothfuss is not only to answer these questions but to do so in a way that is both satisfying and consistent with the established lore of the world he has created.


The world of the Kingkiller Chronicle is detailed and immersive. Rothfuss has a responsibility to maintain the integrity of this world while providing a conclusion that is both epic and emotionally resonant. The task of world-building and world-consistency in fantasy literature is a formidable one and often requires meticulous attention to detail.

The Impact of Fan Expectations

Fan expectations for “The Doors of Stone” are monumental. The first two books in the series, “The Name of the Wind” and “The Wise Man’s Fear,” received critical acclaim and have a passionate fan base. The longer the wait, the higher the expectations, and the more difficult it becomes to meet them.

The Burden of Anticipation

Rothfuss’s statement about feeling the weight of a million disappointed fans is indicative of the immense burden he carries. The anticipation for “The Doors of Stone” has grown to monumental proportions, and delivering a book that satisfies such lofty expectations is an intimidating prospect.

Fear of Disappointment

The fear of disappointing fans is a very real concern for any author, especially when the book they are writing is the conclusion of a beloved series. Rothfuss’s desire to provide “something beautiful” speaks to his aspiration to meet and even exceed fan expectations. This aspiration can be paralyzing and contribute to the delay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: When is “The Doors of Stone” by Patrick Rothfuss expected to be released?

A1: As of the latest available information, there is no official release date for “The Doors of Stone.” The book has faced significant delays, and the author, Patrick Rothfuss, has not provided a specific release date.

Q2: Why has “The Doors of Stone” been delayed?

A2: The delay of “The Doors of Stone” can be attributed to several factors. Patrick Rothfuss has expressed his commitment to perfectionism, the unexpected pressure from the book’s immense anticipation, and personal struggles. These elements have collectively contributed to the extended timeline for completing the book.

Q3: What is the impact of fan expectations on the delay of the book?

A3: Fan expectations are substantial and have added to the challenges faced by Patrick Rothfuss. The longer the wait, the higher the expectations, and the fear of disappointing fans is a significant factor contributing to the delay. Rothfuss desires to provide a conclusion that exceeds these lofty expectations, which can be a daunting task.

Q4: Has Patrick Rothfuss made any recent statements about the progress of the book?

A4: As of the latest available information, there have been no recent statements from Patrick Rothfuss regarding the progress of “The Doors of Stone.” The situation remains unchanged, with no specific updates or release date announcements.

Q5: Is there any hope that “The Doors of Stone” will be published in the near future?

A5: While there is no official release date, the author’s commitment to finishing the book and delivering a satisfying conclusion is evident. Fans continue to hope for the eventual release of “The Doors of Stone,” and the book will be published when it is deemed ready by Patrick Rothfuss.

Q6: Will there be further spinoff projects related to the Kingkiller Chronicle series?

A6: While Patrick Rothfuss had initially shifted his focus from a spinoff project called “The Tale of Laniel Young-Again” to work on “The Doors of Stone,” there has been no recent information about future spinoff projects. The author’s primary focus seems to be on completing the main series.

Q7: What can fans do to stay updated on the progress of “The Doors of Stone”?

A7: Fans eager for updates on the book’s progress can follow Patrick Rothfuss on social media platforms, where he occasionally shares insights and information about his writing process. Additionally, monitoring news outlets and official announcements is advisable to stay informed about any developments regarding the book’s release.

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