Plot Summary: The Doors of Stone – What We Know So Far


In the world of fantasy literature, few titles are as eagerly anticipated as “The Doors of Stone.” Written by the acclaimed author Patrick Rothfuss, this novel is the highly anticipated conclusion to the epic “Kingkiller Chronicle” series. As fans of Kvothe’s captivating journey eagerly await the release, here’s a comprehensive overview of what we know so far about this forthcoming masterpiece.

The Continuation of Kvothe’s Saga

“The Doors of Stone” will continue the story of Kvothe, the enigmatic and gifted protagonist, from where “The Wise Man’s Fear” left off. It will span the third and final day of Kvothe’s narrative as recounted to Chronicler, bringing an end to “Kvothe’s story” and the overarching narrative that commenced in “The Name of the Wind.”

Background and Publication

Shortly before the release of the first book in the series, “The Name of the Wind,” Rothfuss hinted at “The Doors of Stone” as the tentative title for the third instalment. Intriguingly, he had conceived the entire trilogy as a single, interconnected narrative, and he is now diligently revising the content to ensure that it can stand alone as a satisfying third book.

Despite some initial reservations from his editor about the title, Rothfuss decided to retain “The Doors of Stone” as the official title, mainly due to its widespread adoption among fans and media.

While Rothfuss had originally mentioned that the book might be shorter than its predecessor, “The Wise Man’s Fear,” he is undoubtedly committed to delivering a compelling conclusion to the series.

The Long Wait

The release of “The Doors of Stone” has been a source of anticipation and speculation among fans. Rothfuss’s updates have been infrequent, and fans have been eager for news on its progress.

In a live Q&A session, Rothfuss indicated that the book was better than his earlier evaluation of it and that he was working hard on the revision. However, a concrete release date remains elusive.


The title, “The Doors of Stone,” has sparked various speculations among fans. Several stone doors and references to them within the Chronicle have fueled these speculations. The true significance of these doors remains a mystery, and their role in the story’s conclusion is a subject of fervent discussion among fans.


As we eagerly await the release of “The Doors of Stone,” Patrick Rothfuss’s remarkable conclusion to the “Kingkiller Chronicle,” we are left with more questions than answers. The enigmatic stone doors, the fate of Kvothe, and the future of Temerant continue to intrigue readers worldwide. Despite the prolonged wait, the anticipation for this book remains as strong as ever.


1. When will “The Doors of Stone” be released?

The release date for “The Doors of Stone” remains uncertain. Patrick Rothfuss is diligently working on the book, but no specific date has been announced.

2. What are the stone doors referred to in the series?

The stone doors mentioned in the series have sparked numerous speculations and theories among fans. Their true significance is yet to be revealed.

3. Will there be more books set in the world of Temerant?

Yes, Patrick Rothfuss has confirmed that he intends to write further stories in the world of Temerant, even after concluding Kvothe’s saga.

4. Is “The Doors of Stone” longer than “The Wise Man’s Fear”?

Rothfuss initially indicated that the book might be shorter, but the exact length remains to be seen.

5. Why has the release of “The Doors of Stone” taken so long?

The prolonged wait for the book’s release is due to Rothfuss’s dedication to delivering a satisfying conclusion and the challenges of revising a highly anticipated novel.

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